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Viva Agorà   
16th July 2008
“Viva Agorà” entertainment is the event where all Italian pilgrims will meet with their bishops.
Sydney Cardinal George Pell, the Italian consul of Sydney and other civil and religious authorities will be present too.
The meeting has been organised thanks to the help of some young Italian people that live in Sydney studying or working and with some Italo-Austrlians.
During the entertainment there will be prayer, testimony and liveliness moments with Italian and Australian artists.
As usual, during “viva Agorà” a statue of Mary of Loreto will be offered to the Church of Sydney, and the image of St. Damiano’s Crucifix will be offered to the Australian Bishop conference.
Pilgrimage to St. Mary Cathedral  
Tuesday, 22nd July 2008
For the people that stay in Sydney, and for the Italo-australian community, will be organised a pilgrimage with the Statue of Mary of Loreto starting from Hide Park.
The pilgrimage will finish with an Italian Mass celebrated by the Cardinal of Sydney George Pell.
Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre  

St. Mary Goretti
St. Mary Goretti and Blessed Piergiorgio Frssati are the two patron saints of World Youth Day 2008.
The exhibition allow spectators to know something about St. Mary Goretti’s life in order to show people her charisma.
The texts of the images with photos will be written in English and Italian.
Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. Mary, young people and Creation: a common curse.
Trough an accurate selection of images (the majority given by Osservatore Romano’s archive) the exhibition shows some qualities shared by Pope John Paul II and by Pope Benedict XVI: their veneration to Mary and their love for youth and everything God has created.
Before arriving in Sydney the exhibition was presented in Loreto during the “Agorà dei Giovani Italiani” .
Piergiorgio Frassati
The exhibition shows some photos and videos of Blessed Piergiorgio Frassati. The exhibition presents his figure as a model for the young people of the third millennium. Also in this case the texts of the exhibition and videos are shown both in English and Italian.

Press Agency and Catholics Medias in Sydney  
Sydney World Youth Day will be the event where lot of social communication operators will be present to tell us something about.
The Italian press agency will be in Sydney from 8 to 25 July 2008 to inform Italians thanks to the WYD Italian official website www.gmg2008.it[>>] to keep young Italians and Australians up-to-date.
WYD 2008 will be organised around different particular moments : sharing experiences, prayers, and entertainments.
All those events will be entirely reported thanks to news, photos and videos on the web with additional information on Agorà News.
The event of WYD is the last of the Youth Italian Bishop Conference that the Italian church has begun 3 years ago.
The distance between Italy and Australia will be lower thanks to catholic medias such as Avvenire newspaper, satellite television Sat2000, Radio InBlu and Agenzia Sir so that it could be possible “to be there”.
WYD Italian agency headed by Father Domenico Pompili, operates with the National Service for the Youth Bishop Conference.
For this reason, in the last few months has been created the WYD itlaian website: www.gmg2008.it[>>] where under the section “Gmg Story” and “My gmg” where it would be possible to read the travel diary written by guys.

Ufficio Stampa e redazione sito internet www.gmg2008.it

Don Domenico Pompili

Vincenzo Grienti
Coordinatore redazione Gmg 2008.it

Francesco Muratori
Alessandro Principali
Suor Andrea Sosa
Francesca Cusieri
Marco Biggio
Laura Orecchia

Emanuele Magnanimi

Cristian Gennari
Alessio Petrucci

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